Some Sentences on Agreement

When it comes to writing, one of the most important things to keep in mind is agreement. Agreement refers to the matching of different parts of a sentence, such as subjects and verbs, or pronouns and antecedents.

In order to ensure proper agreement, it`s essential to pay close attention to the specific rules that apply to each case. For example, when dealing with subjects and verbs, it`s important to make sure that the verb agrees with the subject in terms of number (singular or plural) and person (first, second, or third).

In addition to subject-verb agreement, pronoun-antecedent agreement is also crucial. This means that a pronoun must match its antecedent in terms of gender, number, and person. For example, if the antecedent is singular and feminine, the corresponding pronoun should also be singular and feminine.

It`s also important to keep in mind that agreement can be affected by modifiers such as phrases or clauses. These can sometimes make it difficult to identify the correct antecedent, so it`s important to pay close attention to the context of the sentence in order to ensure proper agreement.

Overall, proper agreement is essential for clear, effective communication. By following the specific rules that apply to each case, writers can ensure that their sentences are grammatically correct and easy to understand. Whether you`re working on a professional document or simply crafting a casual email, taking the time to ensure agreement is an important step towards effective communication.